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What We're All About

The Briarwood Action Network (BAN!) is a neighborhood civic group dedicated to improving
the quality of life in Briarwood, Queens.

The Briarwood Action Network is a Briarwood community organization committed to
providing a forum for the diverse members of the community to inform and express
themselves on the full range of issues affecting Briarwood. We host informational
meetings on a variety of topics, we rally our neighbors together for beautification and
improvement of the community, we bring community needs to officials and representatives
and we bring officials and representatives to the community. We love Briarwood and work
tirelessly to build a stronger community.

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    Thank you to all who came to
    BAN’s New Year Dinner Party
    celebrating a productive 2015 and
    cheering in what is sure to be an exciting 2016!!
Thank you Briarwood!
We can’t wait to do more in ’16!!!

Click here to see some pictures of the evening on BAN's
facebook page
SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 6 - 11:00am - 1:00pm
Help us plan for 2016 and beyond at

Coffee Talk 2016!!!

Held at - Briarwood Library, 85-12 Main Street

Join your neighbors to share thoughts and ideas for
Briarwood over a cup of coffee!

Briarwood Action Network (BAN!) is always seeking the input of
Briarwood residents in determining the needs of the community, and
finding ways we can all work together to address those needs.

Click here to see a flyer about this event
Feel free to spread the word about this meeting by printing the attached flyer and
displaying it in appropriate areas of your building. Please don’t place flyers on any trees,
utility/light poles or car windshields.
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Go to the NYC Severe Weather website to find information and links about
winter weather in NYC. Stay Safe Briarwood!