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If you have an item you would like to see included in future editions of the
Briarwood Action Network Newsletter, please follow the submission guidelines below:

Submission Guidelines for Briarwood Action Network Newsletter:

  • The Briarwood Action Network Newsletter is published quarterly.
  • Submissions are welcome from anyone who lives or works in Briarwood, Queens.
  • All submissions must be in electronic format and sent via email to Hard copies will not be accepted (or
    returned if someone should make the mistake of sending them).
  • The maximum word count for submissions is 500 words.
  • The type, title, and word count of the submission must be included in the body of the
    email. The author's Briarwood, Queens connection (live/work/etc.), first and last
    name, and contact information must also be included in the body of the email.
    Submissions which to do not include this information will not be considered.
  • If a submitted item is selected to appear in the newsletter, the author’s name will
    appear along with the submission.
  • Submissions may be sent within the body of an email or as an attachment in MS Word
    (.doc or .docx), .rtf, or .txt formats.
  • Do not include any special text or document formatting.
  • Do not include pictures or images in the document file.
  • Acceptance/rejection is entirely at the discretion of the Newsletter editors.
  • All submissions will be subject to editorial review and may be edited without the
    approval of the author.
  • Submissions may be used in current newsletters or saved for future use.
  • Accepted submissions will be posted on the Briarwood Action Network website and
    archived indefinitely.
  • The Briarwood Action Network newsletter may also be printed and/or distributed via
  • Briarwood Action Network retains the following rights for all submissions:
  • The right to include the article or a portion thereof in one newsletter.
  • The right to archive the article on the Briarwood Action Network website
  • The right to reference the article (via web link to its archived location on the
    Briarwood Action Network website) in subsequent newsletters, articles, and
    social media posts (including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

  • Authors retain the copyright to their articles and all other rights not specified above.
  • Previously published and derivative works are acceptable provided the author has
    the appropriate rights to do so. It is the author’s responsibility to determine that they
    have the rights to do so.
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable provided the article is not being offered to
    another outlet that will claim rights that contradict those required by Briarwood Action
  • Submission of an item for inclusion in the Briarwood Action Network newsletter is
    considered an author’s acceptance of these terms.
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